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Pure vitamin C

« All mammals produce their own ascorbic acid, as human ancestors used to do before undergoing a genetic mutation! Mammals produce ascorbic acid in such quantities as to saturate blood and tissues, increasing the production in case of stress. …The magnitude calculated by the amount of ascorbic acid synthesised in rats, equals 4.9 g per day for humans…
Infectious diseases, cardio-vascular dysfunctions, collagen diseases, cancer and the ageing process, are just some of the ailments that Ascorbic Acid, administered in appropriate doses, can alleviate.
Pregnant women can benefit from large doses of Vitamin C, which improves skin's ability to resist to the expansion of the uterus.
Taking vitamin C every day, will make your mind clearer and more active, your body less tired and your memory more tenacious.
White blood cells require a copious reserve of Vitamin C ….
Large doses of vitamin C prevent colds, improve general health by increasing the body's resistance to pathogens and reducing sensitivity to infections…. Ascorbic acid, a powerful germicide. …
Those who are well fortified by this vitamin are less likely to spend Winter worrying about their stuffy nose and general malaise…. Routinely, take 1 to 3 g a day.
The liver depends on Vitamin C to produce an enzyme (alcohol dehydrogenase) which serves to remove alcohol from the blood stream.
The elderlyshould take extra doses of Vitamin C, which significantly contributes to maintaining youthful vigour (ageing is a process of slow oxidation of body tissues)…. Lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular rheumatism, skin thickening, skin discolaration formation, ulcerative colitis, gout, atherosclerosis, heart disease have been interpreted as "normal" in the ageing process, but there is increasing reason to believe that Vitamin C can prevent all these ailments.
Collagen formation is one of the most important functions of ascorbic acid. As we age, collagen fibres shrink and repel the surrounding tissues so they become increasingly anoxic (lacking oxygen) and furrowed (wrinkles).
Vitamin C reduces cholesterol and prevents the formation of plaques (atherosclerosis). Scurvy (fatal disease due to lack of Vitamin C) occurs rarely, but today a good number of people suffer from latent deficiency of vitamin C [receding gums is one of the symptoms of scurvy].
That a vitamin can make such a big difference is maybe too simple a concept to accept! » [1].

[1] Staff del Prevention Magazine, Il libro completo delle vitamine, Aldo Martello – Giunti Editore
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