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Histidine plus

«Imbalance of histidine [an ssential amino acid] leads to psychological disorders such as anxiety and schizophrenia, along with lethargy, fatigue and nausea (especially in pregnancy)…. It is used to enhance the soothing action of alpha waves in the brain [while beta waves stimulate brain activity resulting in anger and tension]. In this state of relaxation, people are much more resistant to anxiety and stress, as they are able to tackle problems with impetus….
Perhaps the most important role of histidine nowadays may lie in sexual therapies…. Women who are unable to achieve orgasm [or who have difficulty achieving it] draw great benefit from histidine supplementation» [1].  

«Inositol ["unofficial" member of B-group vitamins], … a primary component of cell membranes [phosphatidylinositol], can be especially useful in liver disease, in depression, in case of panic attacks and in diabetes [in diabetic neuropathy]…. Inositol is also necessary for ensuring proper cranial nerve and muscle function …. It is necessary for the correct functioning of various brain neutral-transmitters, including serotonin and acetylcholine. Its reduction in the brain can induce a state of depression…. The antidepressant effects of inositol have also been confirmed by double-blind studies …» [2].  

«PABA [Para-Amino-Benzoic Acid] is one of B-complex constituents of the most recent acquisition. It can be directly synthesised by the body and … helps form folic acid.
It is important in proteinutilisation, as it is the number-one meat-based nourishment.…
It contributes to the assimilation of pantothenic acid [vitamin B5]»[3].


[1] Robert Erdamann, The Amino Revolution.
[2] Michael T. Murray, Guida medica agli integratori alimentari, Edizioni Red
[3] Earl Mindell, La bibbia delle vitamine, Ed, Bur
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