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Calcium Lactate

«Calcium is found in every body cell. The 99% is contained in bones and teeth …. Bones support the whole body structure and, inside, they contain the marrow, from which blood cells orginate. The health of nerves, muscles and several body organs depends, therefore, on the health of the bone structure…
. For healthy teeth, Calcium is essential…
. During pregnancy, calcium is subtracted by the mother.
Even blood contains Calcium, in serum, i.e., the liquid part. It helps keep the acid-base balance in the body, and also promotes coagulation
. It carries impulses along nerves, from one part of the body to another.
Muscles also need a lot of calcium: lack of it can cause cramps and convulsions.
It regulates the rhythm of the heartbeat…. Magnesium is calcium's co-pilot, its essential partner: it provides a tiny electric charge that repels Calcium, thereby reversing the contraction.
Vegetables and green leaves [so rich in Calcium] are difficult to chew or seem little appetising….Vitamin D and Phosphorus are   essential for the body to use Calcium effectively.
All children are born poor in Calcium and must receive a steady supply of Calcium and Vitamin D. Only so can their bones develop … until their bodies are not fully developed. We are personally convinced that the need persists all life long, because it is absolutely impossible to get all the calcium we need from food.… Especially older people should consume some calcium-containing food supplements.  As for osteoporosis, the clue to its treatment is Calcium with Magnesium…
. Apparently, the more we advance in years, the more we need Calcium, given that the ability to absorb it decreases [That is why bile is essential].
In the years of maturity, and especially if you like sports, you need to compensate for this deficiency in the absorption mechanism by consuming a larger amount of Calcium [and stimulating bile production with choleretics].…
The presence of a sufficient amount of Calcium can prevent attacks of anxiety.
For those who grind their teeth (nocturnal bruxism) … significant benefits are reported from increased doses of Calcium and Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5).
If the baby kicks during the night ["growth" pains], it might need greater amounts of Calcium…
. Indicated to relieve leg cramps, pain in the legs and for "restless legs". …
Calcium deficiency is one of the causes of arthritis. As a matter of fact, due to the impoverishment of bone calcium content, the body performs a sort of offset by depositing a reserve of Calcium in the joints, which cause structural stiffness, inflammation and the arthritis typical pain» [1].

[1] J. I. Rosale, Il libro completo dei minerali per la salute, Aldo Martello – Giunti Editore
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