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«Asian coinleaf (Centella asiatica). Actions: capillary-protective, phlebotonic, antiedemigenous, riepithelising, antiulcerative, tonic, adaptogenic, antiseptic, antirheumatic.
The total extract of Asian Coinleaf is effective in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs and in pre-varicose states (sense of weight, orthostatic oedema, phlebitis, skin ulcers, tendency to venous dilation, night cramps, itching).
It works on venous blood vessel improving the connective structure, reducing sclerosis and hardening of the vein and enhancing circulation.
The oral and topical administration has proven an improvement of indurative lesions, of hyperpigmentation, of vascular disorders and of general conditions, as well as anti-cellulite treatments. In Ayurvedic medicine, Asian Coinleaf is considered a brain tonic, able to increase memory as well as intellectual skills (also in children). Simultaneously, it antagonises stressful stimuli, calms the mind and, when taken in the evening, promotes restful and deep sleep and a lucid awakening. The Sanskrit name means "cosmic consciousness".
As a revitaliser, during convalescences (infectious diseases, surgeries, etc.) and in the transitional forms of depression, mainly due to work failures. Asian coinleaf is also considered a decongestant and is used in sinusitis » [1].  

«Asian coinleaf (Centella asiatica). Herb (aerial parts). Main activities: improves trophism [nutrition] vascular-connective; wound-healing.
Use: venous insufficiency, wounds, ulcers, dermatosis, [scars]; cellulite.
It is indicated in cardiovascular disease as it is capable of improving the microvascular tissue trophism.
Asian coinleaf stands out in its monitoring, regularising and specific orientating role on the synthesis of collagen. The plant regulates the growth of fibroblasts, avoiding excessive proliferation and consequently the formation of keloids, hypertrophic scars, etc. and is indicated in venous insufficiency.
It also shows antioxidant properties in treated areas.
The extract of Asian Coinleaf is used in the symptomatic and adjuvant treatment of surgical wounds, in slight burns, varicose ulcers, … in reducing gravidic striae …… in haemorrhoidal disease, in the treatment of cutaneous capillary fragility, (bruising, petechiae), in sun erythema, ingluteal erythema, in insect bites and as an antipruritic remedy … in carpal tunnel syndrome » [2].


[1] Francesco Perugini Billi, Fitoterapia, Edizioni Junior.
[2] Enrica Campanini, Dizionario di fitoterapia e piante medicinali, Tecniche Nuove.
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